Client Story – Joyce D.

This Grandma is walking with an extra skip in her step! We are so proud of Joyce for her hard work and dedication to working out and eating healthy! Here are her before and after pictures from November til now. Way to go, Joyce! You prove that you’re never too old to start and see great results.
Tell us about yourself –

I’m a 67 yr old wife mother and grandmother. I’ve Been married 49 years. I’m retired and busy with crafts as well as doing some volunteer work. Of course also enjoy getting in some traveling as well.

What brought you to Stone Brook Strength?

First of all Robin and Aaron, being our children “gently” encouraged us to start getting a little more fit. And also it helped that they moved back here from Regina! 

What was your first impression? Has it changed?

First impression was … WHAT AM I DOING HERE!! But as time went by it actually has become “almost” fun!! LOL. But as time went by it has gotten easier to do everyday things, like get up from the couch, low level cars, etc. And endurance is better for walking, and doing everyday things.  Also it’s good to see how my strength has improved. Because I journal our workouts we see how far I’ve come.

What caused your greatest improvement?

I’m able lift more in every category. 

What are you working on now?

I’m working on improving my squats. As I have an old knee injury, it’s a constant struggle, so I’m working on doing what I can to improve that. Also I started to do incline walking, it seems that is improving my knee muscles, and less pain!

What’s your favorite SBS memory so far?

I feel that I am stronger then when I started 2 years ago , and it’s always encouraging to see that each time I workout!

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