2017 New Year Nutrition Challenge winners

Congrats to our 2017 New Year Nutrition Challenge winners! This 6 week challenge included daily points for nutrition, water, sleep and exercise, plus bonus points for following our meal plan as well as daily lessons through Precision Nutrition ProCoach.

Picture L to R: Rita (tied for 3rd), Stephanie (2nd), Danny (tied for 3rd), Dana (1st)

Here is what Dana had to say about her experience:

“I was neck deep in poor nutrition habits prior to the challenge and in the worst shape I have ever been.  I joined Stone Brook Strength at the end of 2016 and thought the Nutrition Challenge would be a good way to kick start a healthier lifestyle and fitter version of myself.

I decided to fully commit!

The first week was difficult as I was physically craving the stuff I was used to eating, and feeling the void of not being able to eat unhealthy foods for comfort.  But after the first week I already started to feel a bit of momentum from 7 days of doing the right things.  For example, I didn’t feel bloated, like I normally would have.

After a couple weeks of sticking with the program I could zip up my winter jacket (which was previously too tight), and it felt great to be overall feeling better.

The online coaching program, “Precision Nutrition”, was a big part of helping me stay on track.  I found the daily lessons encouraging and helpful in the journey of becoming healthier physically and mentally.

Making the effort to interact on the challenge facebook page also played a positive role in helping me stay focused and committed.  It was inspiring for me to see other people’s posts and pictures from their own challenge journey.  The facebook page was also a useful forum to ask questions, share information, and encourage each other!

I took some valuable things away from this experience, including delicious and easy recipes and some very user friendly foundational habits for eating healthy.

Here are some words of wisdom that really resonated with me from the Precision Nutrition lessons:

“Enjoy the Process” of becoming healthier and achieving your goals

“Don’t chase 100%, but chase being a little bit better every day”

It wasn’t all smooth sailing, and at a couple points I felt like quitting.  Aaron challenged me to ask myself to think about what I would have to gain by quitting.  I would ask myself this question and it definitely helped me to push through.

I never felt like I was starving myself or working out crazy amounts during the challenge – it was just consistently making good choices!  Sticking to the eating plan and healthy habits laid out in the challenge definitely paid off!

As a result of the challenge I feel more energetic, stronger and more knowledgeable about living well.  Over the 6 weeks I also lost approximately 19 lbs and close to 21 inches overall!”

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