Founders’ Club – ONE TIME ONLY!

Attention Future Members:

We’re inviting you to join us at our upcoming NEW location! When you join NOW, you will be able to say you were there from the beginning, plus you will qualify for some special perks this one time only:

Our new exclusive Founders’ Club memberships include the following for you at no extra cost:

  • $25 off your introductory Foundation classes
  • One free workshop or seminar, to be used within the first 6 months ($25 value)
  • A gift certificate to give to a family member or friend for $25 off at SBS
  • Swag bag of sample packs of Progenex, FitAid, etc. ($25 value)
  • Limited Edition Founding Club t-shirt! ($35 value)

That’s a value of $135!!

Our services include:

  • Semi-Private Training (no large groups)
  • Goal Setting Sessions
  • Basic Nutrition Counseling
  • Mobility Assessments
  • Regular Measurement check-ins (inches, body fat, photos, all optional)
  • Strength and Conditioning workouts

Our new facility offers:

  • 1250 square feet of training space
  • Washrooms with showers
  • Kids designated play area
  • Room for future workshops and seminars
  • And more exciting plans in the works!

***At the time of this writing, we have only 21 Founders’ Club Memberships available to future members! You don’t have to pay anything now, just secure your spot with a void cheque by November 1. Founders’ Club is available only until opening day. Intro classes will start in November.

The new space will be at 19D Highway #12N in Steinbach, a private warehouse space just behind Print Studio One.

Remember, to reserve your spot in our Founders’ Club, just bring us a void cheque. We look forward to working with you.

Robin & Aaron Maier
email: [email protected]
cell: 204-371-9706

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