Private Training to start your Fitness Journey!


Are you interested in the benefits of a group fitness class but not sure you are ready to join a group? Do you want to learn how to apply an effective barbell strength program? Or do you have a specific training goal but you aren’t sure exactly how to get there?
Getting started with a series of Private Training sessions at Stone Brook Strength is a great way to get the results you want and at the same time learn how to train correctly while moving at your own pace and according to your own schedule.

Your program is focused exclusively on your goals and any limitations/modifications are taken into account. You are not left to fend for yourself and you do not need to figure out how to succeed. An experienced coach will guide you through progressive steps to move more effectively, help establish healthy eating habits, and encourage you to achieve what you might feel is unattainable on your own!

Private Training is client-centered and coach-intensive and the value and return on your investment is very high. The next 4-6 weeks will pass by regardless of what you do, so make the best use of your training time and get started the right way!

We are opening up a limited time offer of seven (7) 12-PT session packages (1-on-1, 1-on-2) for the price of 10 and must be purchased by January 31st!
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12 sessions 1-on-1 $550 +GST (Save $110)
12 sessions 1-on-2 $350 +GST each (Save $70 each)

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