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Coming up: Stone Brook Strength 3 Day Teen Athlete Camp

No matter the sport, having a solid strength base will improve your speed, power, stamina, and endurance. This base is best developed when it won’t distract from game play, so off-season is ideal. Being strong can also help an athlete’s body be more resistant to injury. Barbell training is possibly the most effective and efficient method to develop that strength, especially for developing athletes. And while we wouldn’t expect our teens to play their sport without good coaching, we shouldn’t be surprised that the most effective strength & conditioning programs are coached as well!

Do you want to have a more productive summer?

This camp is suited for athletes, male and female ages 13-19, who have minimally or never trained a formal strength & conditioning program in order to get the edge on their competition.

Not an athlete yet? Opportunities open up for you when you are not limited by strength. Consider this your invitation to discover a more athletic you!

We are hosting 3 ninety minute sessions that will cover:

  • which barbell exercises give the most results and instruction of how to train them safely, this is especially good for beginners to get a proper start and can set up multiple seasons of continuous strength increases that can help you stand out if you try out for post-secondary athletics
  • how often to train and how to structure the training session
  • how to fuel your body for optimal performance and recovery
  • energy system-based conditioning that won’t detract from your training
  • athletic assessments to provide a baseline comparison from start to end of off-season
  • opportunity to upgrade to a full summer of 24 coached training sessions for $288

Invest in your sport performance, $199/athlete

**Early Bird Price, pay in full $179 by June 29**

July 3, 4, & 6 at 11am.

Inquire or register at [email protected] 


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