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A newlywed couple faces a vast unfolding future ahead. A future made up of a mixture of uncertainty and hope.

What do you tell a young couple about to be married? If you had to give some advice to help them along, what would you say?

If you have been to a few weddings the odds are pretty good you have seen The Big Rocks. You take a jar and fill it with stones, pebbles, rocks and sand. Do it in the wrong order and they won’t all fit. Choose the right order and they all make it in.

The secret is we start with the big rocks first. They are the most important pieces. Prioritize the big important things you want or need. Fit everything else around those.

COVID19 is giving everyone a chance to shake things up. Either your jar has been tipped over and emptied or it’s been shattered. In a month, or several, or maybe a year –we don’t know– we start filling a new jar.

We face a vast unfolding future ahead. A future made up of a mixture of uncertainty and hope.

For now we are grasping some rocks to get through our days. What are they? Here are a few examples:

Family meals
Zoom calls
On-line shopping
Take-out food
Sleeping in
Working from home
Home school
Excess comfort food

The pandemic/social distancing is reality to all of us, HOW we respond to it is up to us. And at some point it will come to an end. The rocks we are holding fast to are going to be the ones we put in the jar first. Are they the right ones to help you get back on track?

When everything is stripped away, what are we left with? Take this beyond theoretical….take away everything but our life and what remains?
Our health. We can’t really do much if we physically can’t carry out our actions.
Our attitude. Do we focus on what we can do or what we can’t?

Which of our rocks connect with or support these?

It’s hard to hold onto sand and pebbles, they will run out between our fingers. Maybe we learn they weren’t crucial to begin with.

Some stones are manageable, but not many.

It’s the big rocks we need to focus on. And right now some of those rocks are decoys. They need to be sifted out.

The more time we need to stay isolated the more we set down a new foundation. Are you giving thought to what you want making up that foundation?

“Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you will become” -James Clear


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