The Value of a Coach

As the Olympic Games wrap up I’d like to point out an important observation. How many of the athletes that we saw compete were out there without a coach? None. In fact, they likely had a team of coaches to help them get to this pinnacle of performance. Certainly, they are all talented and gifted in their specific sport, yet they all would have used the expertise of others to get them to advance further. While we might not have the opportunity or dreams of going to the Olympics, we might personally have goals that seem like they would require an Olympian effort to achieve them!

To get strong, fit, healthy and lean should be simple and straightforward. In a way, it definitely is. It can also be difficult to know where or how to start. What is the most effective way? Are some ways safer than others? What if I have an injury or chronic condition? The truth is indeed out there, in a sea of other information that can confuse things and make taking action a struggle. Sure, it is “possible” to figure it out for yourself, in a trial and error manner, and see progress. For the most part, some action is better than no action.

What is better than simply action, of course, is correct action. And this is where a coach can provide valuable guidance and save you more in the long run. A coach hears your goals and helps formulate a plan to reach them. A coach teaches you the correct way to move and train so that you can implement your plan. A coach corrects you when your movements are incorrect or inefficient (has an exercise video instructor ever stopped to correct your squat so that your knees don’t hurt when you do them?). A coach adjusts when the plan needs revision . A coach is an investment and a good coach, while costing more at the outset, will save you far more in avoiding injury and wasted effort. And that is where you come out further ahead in the long run.

We believe in the power of coaching. It is what sets us apart from the typical gym. We approach strength as a skill, and the more skilled you are at being strong the better your progress. And the stronger you are, the more effective you are at all other types of training and sports. Typically half a dozen sessions is all that is needed to learn the basics of how to perform the essential exercises. Then practicing and follow-up coaching ensures that proper form is still taking place.

Think about how one would approach learning to drive. One could take the time to learn how to drive on one’s own, the information is free and easily available. Yet it would be hard to find a parent who would not have their teenager take driver education lessons. Driving an expensive 3000 pound mass of metal takes responsibility and care to minimize the risks that are possibly present. Walking everywhere is always available and absolutely free, and carries very little risk. Yet the efficiency and convenience of driving makes us willing to work with the cost and danger potential. So too with effective strength and conditioning.

Proper teaching and coaching in a strength and conditioning program can take what may be perceived as dangerous (statistically incorrect, by the way) or the domain of serious competitive athletes and make available the type of results and abilities that will make a significant impact on your health and fitness (and it will likely carry over to the rest of your family).

Do you wonder what the best approach would be to reach your goals? Do you know how to use the best possible exercises and training methods or nutrition practices to make the desired change in your life? On one hand, you could try to find your own way through trial and error and see what works. On the other hand, a coach can save you a lot of effort and make help you make the best use of your time.

Every one of our training sessions is led by a coach who will reinforce proper lifting technique and guide you through an effective and challenging workout that brings you closer to a higher level of fitness. In addition to individualized training, we also offer goal setting sessions with coaches so that we can determine the best way to customize your training to reach your own personal goals.

You may not have dreams of making it to the next Olympic Games, or competing on the world stage, but if your goal seems like it will require an Olympian effort to reach it then consider a coached approach and improve your chances of getting there!

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