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Our founders

Robin & Aaron Maier

Being strong and in shape has always been a priority for Aaron, harkening back to when he was a firefighter. Now his passion is to make fitness a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle for everyday people who know they need to make it a necessity but are unsure how to go about it. Robin fell in love with the barbell and CrossFit after wanting to get back in shape after having 2 kids. She is passionate about helping women be strong and independent for real life activities… and having fun while they’re doing it! Our supportive and encouraging community can’t be beat!

Our coaches

Robin Maier coach at Stone Brook Strength

Robin Maier

Co-owner, CrossFit L2 Coach

I started CrossFit in 2007 as a New year’s resolution and it became a way of life that I plan to continue for years to come! I love how the workouts are functional in that they relate to making you stronger and fitter for real life. I enjoy working with people and helping them do things they never imagined they were capable of. I especially love to empower women to become stronger and more independent. I enjoy working with all ages, from kids to great-grandparents.
In my earlier CrossFit days, I competed in CrossFit competitions including Regionals and the CrossFit Games (team competition in California in 2010), Olympic Weightlifting to the provincial and western levels, and coached athletes at provincial and national levels. However, I now prefer to focus on helping impact people in their daily lives and improve their abilities.

Certifications taken:
CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Open Judges Course 2024
CF Olympic Weightlifting, CF Barbell Strength, CF Gymnastics, CF Movement & Mobility
NCCP L2 Technical Olympic Weightlifting
Agatsu Kettlebell L1, Agatsu Barbell L1
Emergency First Aid & CPR/AED Level C

Aaron Maier coach at Stone Brook Strength

Aaron Maier

Co-owner, CrossFit Coach, Nutrition Coach

I have always done some form of physical training since high school. Discovered CrossFit online with the workouts “Angie” and “Cindy” in 2004 and started training with mostly homemade equipment. Sought Olympic weightlifting training with a coach in Alberta and took CrossFit level 1 in 2007.
I have coached weightlifters at meets, athletes at various levels of CF competitions, and various teams in implementing in-season and off-season strength training for sports. Have also worked with teens to build good lifting and training habits and with seniors to help retain mobility and independence.
The biggest lesson I have learned over the years of working/coaching people is the importance of strength and strength training for people of all ages and goals.

Certifications Taken
CrossFit Level 1
CF Olympic Weightlifting, CF Barbell Strength, CF Gymnastics, CF Football, CF Movement & Mobility
Precision Nutrition Level 1
IAFF/ACE Peer Fitness Trainer
NCCP Technical Level 2 Weightlifting
Agatsu Kettlebell L1
Emergency First Aid & CPR/AED Level C

Liz Kornelsen coach at Stone Brook Strength

Liz Kornelsen

CrossFit L1 Coach, Spin Owner & Instructor

I started working out consistently after having 4 kids in 4 years. I mostly stuck to running, as it was convenient. In 2009 I ran a half marathon, one of the most physically challenging things I’ve done. I did some at home weight training but nothing serious. In the spring of 2016 I joined a local gym, worked out pretty seriously and had some awesome results. Late 2016 I was diagnosed with papillary carcinoma (thyroid cancer). I had my thyroid completely removed December 30, 2016. I went into hypothyroidism and lost all motivation and my metabolism to boot, gaining 24 pounds in 4 months. Stone Brook Strength saved my life. I heard about a 6 week Barbell free challenge they were running and decided if I couldn’t kick my own butt maybe they could. It was a perfect fit. I love CrossFit, everything about it, even burpees! I love being a part of helping people realize their potential and achieve their goals. I want to impact people the same way I’ve been impacted by CrossFit.

Certifications taken:
CrossFit Level 1
Certified Spinning Instructor
Emergency First Aid & CPR/AED Level C

Courtney Priest coach at Stone Brook Strength

Courtney Priest

CrossFit L1 Coach

I started Crossfit as a way to prepare for soccer season in 2019 and transitioned into the regular classes because I loved the functional fitness and strength components. The nutrition is something I have added to my family’s everyday life and my kids now have countless healthy habits!
Being a mother of three and business owner I know how busy life can get and I know how hard it can be. I also know the life changing effects it has had in my life, and I love to empower others to find those effects as well.

Certifications Taken: CrossFit Level 1

Kate Sheridan coach at Stone Brook Strength

Kate Sheridan

CrossFit L1 Coach, Spin Instructor

I first walked through the doors of Stone Brook Strength in 2018 looking for a new challenge, and a new form of self care in the form of improving my fitness, after what had been a difficult few years battling postpartum depression and helping out during lengthy hospitalizations of close family members. I have always enjoyed playing sports, and when college volleyball was a thing of the past, I took up running and enjoyed challenging myself to faster race times. High volume running led to overuse injuries, which left me without any active “me time” outside of the house (which had been key to both my mental and physical health). I knew that improving my strength could prevent the muscle imbalances that had caused my running injuries. I also knew attending classes a few days a week would fill me in a way that would enable me to better care for my family, and myself. After my Foundations classes, I joined in with group classes, and found so much more than I’d anticipated. Here were individuals from all walks of life, working to the best of their fitness and mobility levels, all having fun, cheering one another on, and celebrating personal achievements. This was a happy place unlike anything I’d belonged to before. As a trainer at Stone Brook Strength, I want everyone to feel welcome, valued, and confident in their ability to keep learning and improving in the gym as a means to enriching their lives outside of the gym.

Certifications Taken: CrossFit Level 1

Julika Phommarath

CrossFit L1 Coach, Pre/Post-natal Coach

I was introduced to CrossFit (specifically Stone Brook Strength) in 2016 through my in-laws, back when Braxton and I were still dating and the gym was located in their basement. I’ve always been an active girl. My greatest passions involve soccer, CrossFit, coaching, fishing, teaching, mentoring others and painting. When I was introduced to the sport of CrossFit, I was so intimidated. I always thought that it looked intense and I was too shy to perform such complicated-looking movements. The summer that I had my first basement CF class experience, I was in my third year of College and was the captain of the womens’ soccer team at Providence University College. I participated in about 2 months of off–season training with Robin (my mother in-law) before my soccer season began at Providence. With a mere 2 months of attending CF classes 3x/week, I became stronger on and around the ball, my shots had gained more power, I accelerated with more force in short distance sprints, I was jumping higher than I was ever able and I had gained more endurance than ever before! CrossFit made me an overall stronger player. I have run specialty programs including “SoccerFit”, “Joy & Strength” and I am certified in pre/post-natal coaching.

Certifications taken: CrossFit Level 1
CPPC Certified Pre- & Postnatal Coach
Emergency First Aid & CPR/AED Level C
Bachelor of Arts Degree: TESOL

Michelle Klassen

CrossFit L1 Coach

I started CrossFit in 2021 at Stone Brook Strength after struggling for years to find a way to make fitness an enjoyable part of my life. I had loved being active but as a mom of 4 young kids I easily found reasons I didn’t have time to make my health a priority. Eventually I was overwhelmed with feelings of isolation and discouragement.
I didn’t know what CrossFit was but through the years I began to notice SBS and wanted to know more. Eventually I mustered all my courage and made the call to do a No Sweat Intro. Yep, I wanted what these people had!
I quickly felt like a part of this caring community. No matter what state I walked into the gym, I left feeling encouraged and couldn’t wait to come back.
I first noticed an improvement in my mental health, which was quickly followed by increased physical health. I expected this to be short term. Not so! With the accountability and encouragement of coaches and members these feelings of strength, health and happiness continue to grow. My life has changed because of the community at SBS. I have gained the confidence and ability to jump into all kinds of adventures, daring to take on new things just because I can!
I became a CrossFit coach to help people find joy in their health and wellness journey. I am excited to walk alongside others as they discover all they are capable of and how CrossFit can impact their life!

Certifications taken: CFL1 – online
CrossFit Open Judges Course 2024
Emergency First Aid & CPR/AED Level C


Jacqui Broesky

CrossFit L1 Coach, Powerlifting Coach

I first worked with Robin and Aaron back when they were still training out of their basement. I had done some trade with Robin and completed a 12 week program learning the basics of the CrossFit movements. I loved the strength I felt when I left each class, and although I didn’t continue on at that time, I knew I had found something that was not only a great way to exercise, but also intriguing enough to keep me wanting to do it again. In 2019, I met with Robin again because I knew that I needed to take my health seriously and made the decision to start attending classes on a regular basis.  I started out 2x per week, but quickly increased to 3x, 4x, and then 5x per week. It was during this time that I added a strength program to the other workouts I was doing and I fell in love with strength training. I knew early on that I wanted to compete and made plans to do so as soon as I was ready. I also started working with a nutrition coach and after realizing what a difference proper nutrition made, I decided to take my training to also be a nutrition coach.

When covid hit, the help that Robin and Aaron provided through at home workouts was instrumental in helping me keep my sanity. There were many dark moments, but the thought of another workout always lifted my day and my spirits and gave me something else to focus on. As soon as we were able to return to the gym in person, I began to work towards competing in powerlifting. It is my love of strength training that prompted me to complete my CrossFit coach certification. In addition, I have also completed training to coach other athletes in powerlifting.

To say that SBS is more than just working out is an understatement. It’s a community, a support system, a learning opportunity, and a chance to better yourself in more ways than just getting stronger. The coaches there genuinely care about their members and are always striving to make sure everyone feels comfortable with the workouts and as valued members of the gym. If you want to get stronger or are curious about what powerlifting is, give me a call. I would love to sit down with you. And if you just want to see how our community can benefit you, any of the coaches would love to sit down and chat and make you a cup of coffee!

Certifications include:
CFL1 – online
RTS Coaching with Emerging Strategies
Nutrition coaching
Emergency First Aid & CPR/AED Level C

Lisa Widmer

CrossFit L2 Coach

Lisa first became interested in the fitness world at the age of 16. Since then, her passion has grown over the last 20 years.

She remembers always wanting more out of her “work-out routine.” She was bored, tired of the same old machines and frustrated with her “stubborn” body. At the time, she didn’t know the difference between being physically “fit” and trying to achieve a “fit”-looking physique. CrossFit showed her the difference between being fit and looking fit. CrossFit gives you the best of both worlds, and Lisa believes there is no superior way to become fitter, faster and stronger.

April 19, 2010 marks the day that Lisa found the love of her life. She called her parents immediately after her first WOD, with the highest adrenaline rush and sense of “I
FINALLY FOUND IT!” Within three months, Lisa had greater results physically and aesthetically than she was able to accomplish in all of her previous years doing the same old machine work-outs. Lisa quickly realized that in CrossFit, your body is the machine. Within a short amount of time, Lisa quickly appreciated the many unique advantages CrossFit brings: raw human power that comes from within, energy, health, physical strength, mental strength, confidence and her favorite part―a strong family-like community. “We laugh together, get loud together, sweat together, fall down together and pick each other up,” she says. “The massive amount of love, respect and support we have for each other is what keeps us coming back. We never stop.

Over the course of 12 years, Lisa has accumulated over 30,000 hours of coaching experience. She is constantly learning and growing her knowledge database and skills as a coach. The result is evident in her ability to connect to each individual athlete, driving them to success. “It’s incredible what your body and mind will do for you, if you give it the opportunity to show you”.

Certifications taken: CrossFit Level 2
Emergency First Aid & CPR/AED Level 2

Fiona Picard

CrossFit L1 Coach

Since a young age, my passion has been sport. I have practiced many disciplines, but it was at the age of 16 that I began to be interested in the world of Fitness. I trained every day and I was serious in my practice.
From the age of 20 I decided to make my job my passion, I began studying in France to become a trainer.
And that’s when I discovered Crossfit, I loved it instantly,
I trained hard every day and twice a day, it became a good drug.
Then I started participating in Crossfit competitions, they allowed me to improve in my practice but also to push my mind out of my comfort zone.

My vision of crossfit is above all the promotion of health, functional movements help in everyday life, and also we continually work on our mind and I like that.
Crossfit is for everyone, of all ages, there are no restrictions, the most important thing is adaptation.
Today with my experience, I want to share with you all my knowledge and help you in your practice of CrossFit.

Certifications taken:
CrossFit Level 1
French Certified personal trainer : Bodybuilding / Weightlifter
Emergency First Aid & CPR/AED Level C

Kyle Von Riesen

Spin Instructor

I have been an avid runner since 2007, but in 2018 I discovered Spin. It was a game changer for me. Spin is the perfect combination of fun, energetic music and high intensity training. Spin pushes me to my maximum fitness potential and does amazing things for my mental health. When I am not Spinning I teach Hairstyling and do a bit of freelance hair on the side. I can’t wait to see you in one of my classes soon!

Certified in: Emergency First Aid & CPR/AED Level C


Anna Stoesz coach at Stone Brook Strength

Anna Stoesz

Spin Instructor

Rebecca Rempel coach at Stone Brook Strength

Rebecca Rempel

Registered Dietitian

I graduated with a degree in Human Nutritional Sciences from the University of Manitoba in 2011, and graduated from the MPP dietetic program in 2013. Since receiving my B.Sc I have received my certified diabetes educator certificate.
I have a strong foundation of knowledge relating to medical nutrition therapies and weight management and currently work as a Chronic Disease Dietitian.
My passion for nutritional sciences evolved from my involvement in sports, both as a participant and as a nutrition coach, and I recognize how dietary intake can either impair or improve performance.
Nutrition has provided an integral role in fueling my favourite sport, backpacking, and keeps me going strong on the trail.
I value the foundation of strength that CrossFit gives me to support all of my activities. I became a dietitian because I wanted to help people prevent illness in the first place. I love helping people develop a system to support healthy eating that works for them and making the healthier choice the easier choice.
Qualifications: Bachelors degree in Human Nutritional sciences; Registered Dietitian (and certified diabetes educator)

Ruth Thorne coach at Stone Brook Strength

Ruth Thorne

Yoga Instructor

I was almost 60 and felt overweight and unfit with minor health concerns. I knew that I had to do something. I had been creeping on SBS website to see if there were other people like me in their membership. I had never been to a gym in my life and naturally that worried me. Eventually I made an appointment with Robin and that began my journey back to health and fitness. SBS is incredibly welcoming, inclusive and I need never have worried or thought my age or body condition was a barrier. I have gained so much in coming to the gym: a level of fitness, strength, healthier body, nutritional awareness and greater energy. Also confidence, renewed interest in life and a desire to live a full life throughout my senior years.

On this journey I decided to enroll in a yoga teacher training course at Serene Yoga in Winnipeg, completed my 200 hours, completed an additional year of advanced teacher training and will continue to 500 hours certification. I particularly enjoy teaching restorative yoga with longer held poses, accompanied by deep breathing, leading to opening tight areas in the body held in a relaxed atmosphere. I like teaching the very foundations of yoga so that poses are more easily attained, working towards effortlessness and stability in the poses. I never imagined that I would be in this place at 65. Deep gratitude to all at SBS.

Pat McPherson

Yoga Instructor

Hello, I’m the founder of Yogi in Nature, I love Yoga, CrossFit, and lifting heavy things. Yoga, CrossFit, and strength go hand in hand. We grow our muscles in strength class and we also keep them flexible and lengthened with yoga. My focus is to help you achieve strength, flexibility, and relaxation on and off the mat. I will encourage you to challenge yourself on the mat whether it’s holding a pose just a little longer, deeper, or trying a new fun pose while tuning into the mind, body, breath connection. I add guided meditations to the end of each class to help you find your calm and relaxation after a long week at the gym.

I started my yoga journey as a student in 2008, as a teacher in 2021, graduating from The Yoga Public Training Academy in 2022. I studied body alignment, adjustments, meditation, breathing techniques, yoga history, philosophy, Thai massage, and anatomy.
I also started my CrossFit training in 2018, I like to train hard and lift heavy, and that helps us know just how our bodies are feeling and how to loosen them up at the end of the week. My goal is to leave you feeling loose, calm, and relaxed, helping you live your best and most flexible life.
Namaste day my friends.
Yoga Alliance Registered yoga teacher RTY 200
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Exercise Nutrition
Standard First Aid & CPR/AED level C and
Basic Life Support
CrossFit Judges Course 2023
Thai Massage level 1 & 2
Fitness trainer certification

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