We understand the past 2 years have been hard on everybody. We want to encourage you to take control of the things you can – like your health and fitness! We are offering 2 levels of our New Year Nutrition Challenge FOR ANYONE: a full-on all-in Game Challenge that includes 7 habits of daily life OR a simpler “Lite” version for those who need something easier, that will focus on one habit at a time. See below for details:
OPTION 1 – “Whole Life Challenge” a game that focuses on 7 daily habits
(see below for easier option)
The Whole Life Challenge is a 6-week online and in-your-life game that you will play with the Team. This game is designed to help you achieve your body composition, performance, and well-being goals. (That means you can go faster, lift harder, and recover better.)
Watch this video to see what the Challenge is all about.
Ready to join us? Here’s how you do it:
  • 1. Register for our team by clicking this link.
  • 2. Create a Whole Life Challenge account.
  • 3. You will then be sent to the registration page to complete the process.
  • 4. Once your registration is complete, you’ll be asked to choose your WLC game settings (note: all this information is private). This includes: • Location, height, and weight • Selecting a WLC Nutrition Level, sleep amount, and water prescription • Answering the Quality of Life questions
  • 5. Cost is $49 USD to WLC which includes access to their game app, and $59+gst to SBS which includes before and after InBody composition scans and prizes.
Once you complete registration, Whole Life Challenge will send you everything you need to hit the ground running, including a deep dive into the game rules.
OPTION 2 – “Lite” Challenge – focusing on one habit at a time.
  1. You will focus on one habit per week
  2. Keep track with a simple checkmark each day
  3. Access to a registered dietician via a weekly group video call with any questions
  4. Cost is $59 for members, $79 for non-members
  5. This Challenge will be low pressure but offer tons of support.
Both Challenges will run for 6 weeks: From January 15 to February 25. We will provide you with steps to prepare, setting you up for success.
Both Challenges will include weekly group virtual accountability support, weekly draws that everyone qualifies for, plus grand prizes for the top participants!
Email us to let us know which option you want to join: [email protected]
We look forward to supporting you in this journey. At SBS, you are never alone.

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