Don’t Lose Ground!

Every year there is a trend that shows up. As December approaches, people start to gear up for the surge of busy calendars, gatherings, and feasts and holiday treats. It can be hard to think about maintaining our health and fitness routines since they seem at odds with everything associated with the holidays. 

Does this thought sound familiar? Thinking about working out and watching what I eat makes me feel guilty with all the temptations around me, and if I can’t seem to skip the high calorie traditions then it’s better to ditch the guilt-inducing workouts. 

How about these:

I don’t have time to workout this month. (that month easily becomes 2).

I don’t want to focus on my nutrition habits because it won’t be convenient this month. 

I can’t turn down all the treats people make for the gatherings. 

I can try to fix my nutrition when life is calmer and easier. This one is always funny because life tends to only be calm and easy for very brief periods of time. 

It’s sad that the very habit that can bring everyone so much positive benefit (working out) can be so easily dismissed instead of prioritized when life gets busy.

And learning how to eat during the holidays is a practiced skill that can allow you to both enjoy the season while still holding true to your healthy goals.

If we work to practice fitness daily,  we are trying to practice 365 days per year, correct?

It’s safe to say if you are not able to make it through the season without losing ground or sticking with a healthy fitness and eating practice, it is time to admit you need to learn how to do it. And that is OK. What better way to learn how than to invest in a coach that can help you decide on specific strategies, habits that will actually serve you when life is not convenient. 

For your next gathering you could come up with some ideas like:

Eating some veggies before going to the gathering so you’re not as hungry or offering to bring a veggie tray or dish.

Practice eating slowly to be “satisfied” and not “stuffed.” 

After dinner, go for a walk for some physical activity and suggest others join you. 

And knowing you have to answer to a coach helps keep you honest.

If you have been wanting to level up your health and fitness and have been putting off tackling learning how to eat, consider how long you have been sitting on the fence. If it’s been months or even years, think how much further ahead you could be right now. 

You can’t go back and undo past indecisions. You can make a new start right now. 

Will it be worth it? Well, has it really been worth it to do nothing? 

We have a team of nutrition coaches who would be glad to help this year be different for you! 

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