Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall…

Who do you see, or hope to see in the mirror?
At Stone Brook Strength, we have a vision to look and see a community of people who enjoy their health & fitness journey and strive to improve it everyday.
Do you have a vision for yourself? When you think about the future you, what do you see? If we are not happy with where we are now, it can sometimes be difficult to think about where we want to be because it feels unattainable. And yet, what change can happen if we don’t move in deliberate direction?
“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”
-Helen Keller
If you want to be fit, it helps if you enjoy doing fit things. It also helps if fitness is a part of your daily life. This requires more of a mental shift in focus since most of us probably already know the physical tasks we “should” be doing.
Do you enjoy working out? Do you enjoy eating healthy, nutrient-rich food? Do you feel free to do spontaneous physical activity?
If the answer is no, it will be difficult to make lasting change, especially if fitness is to be a lifelong practice. What would it take to make these actions and habits enjoyable?
We seem to enjoy doing things we are good at. But we don’t get good at things unless we do them. It may not seem far-reaching at first, but we need to be willing to start small and basic and see some success with that first. Then we can challenge ourselves just a little bit more. And then a little more…so we can get some momentum going in our favor.
It could be learning to squat to a box or chair with an improved movement pattern which then builds to a squat to a box while holding a weight. Eventually, we can work to a free standing squat with a barbell on our shoulders.
Maybe we start by adding a serving of colorful vegetables to each meal, or practice eating our meals at a slower pace. We could build to making a larger amount of quality protein for supper so we have leftovers for several meals (hey, meal prep!) Eventually, we can be preparing meals for the busy week in 3 compartment containers.
Step by step progression.
Build on these successes and as you get better at them you can start to see yourself as a person who does fit things and gradually improves them. This is where good coaching and accountability have an impact. A coach can guide you and hold you accountable to the healthy and fit ideal you want to achieve!
We like to call ourselves The Happy Gym because we know that if you love what you do, you will likely continue to do it (even when it gets challenging). And ultimately, we want to see people loving the process of getting in the best shape of their lives because then they are more likely to get there!
Do you have a vision for your future health and fitness?
Yours in Strength,

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