Member Spotlight – Joyce D.

SBS Member Spotlight – Joyce D.

Tell us about yourself: I am a 68 year old, wife, mother and grandmother. I’ve tried to stay active but thought I needed something more for my body . So with the ENCOURAGEMENT of Robin I started about 2 1/2 yrs ago .

How were you introduced to Stone Brook Strength? Through Robin (our daughter) and Aaron

What is your favorite Workout/Lift? I’m not sure, but deadlift and bench press .

What is your favorite skill/movement that you have learned at SBS? I’ve started to appreciate how important squats are in my life .

What is your “goat”? Don’t like Squats !!

One word to describe me would be… fun loving (I know it’s 2 words)

I have always wanted… to have good health, as I have a heart condition and that’s why exercise is so important 

Outside of the gym… I like to… travel, do crafts, have coffee with friends , 

Three things you would always find in my fridge… Meat, greens , eggs

Something nobody knows about me or would be surprised to know about me… not too much !! 

Favorite physical activity outside of SBS… walking 

Favorite place to eat… Maxime ( wpg)

What is your day job? Retired

Song that gets me pumped up for a workout… Classical

The last thing I ate was… bacon and eggs

My proudest accomplishment is… my children and grandchildren!!

My six month goal is… to survive and be in the best health I can possibly be, til my 50th anniversary next May !!❤

If I could have ANYBODY (living or dead) over for dinner, it would be… my mom and mother-in-law         

My favorite workout attire is… SBS t-shirt and yoga pants 

My favorite workout partner(s)… Thelma and Shelley !!

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